Things that make you go "Hmmmm"

Have you seen these candles in action?   I haven’t seen them “up close and personal” YET.   I just ordered a few to “try out” at

If you haven’t already seen them, they are Soy Candles that have a “surprise inside” – sort of like those Cracker Jacks Boxes.   Do you remember asking for those as a kid? Well now you can ask for Diamond Candles just like you did with those Cracker Jacks Boxes as a kid.

They have been super popular.   A few years ago, everyone gave those lottery scratch off tickets (or the pick a number ones) with the hope of giving someone a really big pay day.   Now you can give these candles with the hope of giving an expensive ring along with a really awesome candle.

As their website says, “we have real rings worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 in every single earth friendly, all natural soy candle that we make.”

Christmas Sample Pack

Now who wouldn’t want to hear that their gift was even bigger than they originally thought?   Could you just imagine giving, or receiving a candle that holds a $5,000 ring inside?   Can you just hear the squeals of delight?  They have some really interesting candle scents that you can use separately or combine to make some personal fragrances.   How about Cinnamon Roll and White Chocolate?  Or Vanilla Cream and Gingerbread Latte?  I can’t wait for mine to arrive.

And I love the story behind Diamond Candles that all began because David wanted to be creative when he gave Brenda an Engagement Ring.  Don’t you just love “creative” people?

As I said, they are super popular right now – they even sold out for a bit. But one of the great things is if something you want is “out of stock” you can request they advise you when it is back in stock. They will send you an email when it is available again. That’s what I did and as soon as I got my email, I jumped on over to their site and placed my order.

They have Sample Packs as well as Individual Candles.  And some great sounding scents that fit all occasions and seasons.  They will eventually be coming to a shop near you, but until then, you can order your candle at

Did I say, I can’t wait to see and smell these very interesting candles?

Have you finished your Holiday Shopping?

I still have things to get but this pretty well says it all for me ….

Every year I think I’m going to be done by Thanksgiving and every year we roll into the middle of December and I’m still looking for things, waiting for things, hoping things arrive, or still debating what to get.

It really is maddening.

Some days I just feel like this by the time I get to sit down and have something to eat.

And they say that THIS is fun

Christmas Shopping ...... maybe I can admit defeat and just sleep

And on top of all this …. I’m trying to set up my blog here on WordPress. Yes I really must be a glutton for punishment.

I hope that this actually makes you more aware of what is going on around you.

There is so much “bad press” out there that sometimes you need to be reminded that there IS good in the world, that kids really DO know what is important and not just the latest video game or CD or what some celebrity is doing at the moment.

One of my Facebook friend posted this and when I saw it just knew I had to pass it on to you.   It really is a perfect way for everyone to remember that special things still happen – you just have to keep looking for them.

Thanks Bo and thank you Success Nation for posting this for all to see.

A Little Good News

Way to go Jason!
Way to go Rochester New York!

A new beginning

Today is a new beginning for Inspiration CAN be Found EVERYWHERE. I will be moving my current blog content to WordPress.

At least I think I will be moving the content from there to here ….. Now I just have to figure out how to do it and get it done!

If you have any suggestions I would welcome them
If you have done it already …….. share your learning experience. Trust me I am ALL ears!

Until I can get it “moved” you can always check it out at

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